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Special thanks to our sponsor The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod!

When we say, “The Cooperative Bank of Cape Cod is a community bank,” we’re really telling you our story in a nutshell.

Community banks are often defined as being “small,” but we prefer the term “local.” Since we began in 1921, giving back to the communities where we work, play and live, has been at the heart of everything we do. That’s a privilege and a responsibility that we take seriously.

Our Featured Business of the Week is...
SBW Hospitality Management & Events AND My Daddy Wears an Apron

"Hospitality is an art form,” says Chef Ralph Jason Younger. “And food is a catalyst to understanding so many different cultures. Fun, unique, and soul filling foods allow a peaceful feeling for people to gather and break bread. It’s in those bites, and moments, that people become willing to hear another person’s point of view. Every table I set, every meal I provide, is to be enjoyed without judgment or offending the people who have gathered."

With a background in the culinary arts and business, Ralph initially launched Simply Black & White Catering. When his then partner decided to go back to school, Ralph became a stay-at-home Dad for their two children and launched My Daddy Wears and Apron, to focus on helping families and kids. Leaning into his exceptional talents as a host and event designer, Chef Ralph's original company has now grown into SBW Hospitality Management & Events, offering elevated dining and hospitality experiences as well as (during Covid) beautifully curated boxes of hand-crafted appetizers. Meanwhile, thanks to a sponsorship from the Kennedy Donavan Center, his Daddy empire has branched out into online cooking classes for people of all abilities, and given him a platform to share his hard-earned wisdom about cooking with young ones, single dad challenges, and navigating life stages like co-parenting. The free sessions often have him “chef it up” with his own kids.

"I believe in the idea that love and acceptance sees your color, your gender, your sexual orientation, your pain, and your struggle. When you love and accept people, you will ultimately witness their passion, their joy, their dedication, and their ability to grow. I will only speak positive affirmations and allow my children to grow in a space that makes sense only to them. I will build them up so they don't have to tear other people down. And I will expose them to every type of person or ideology so that they can choose their own paths.”

The free online culinary workshops happen biweekly via Zoom (registration info below) — the recipe and instructions arrive before the session so you can be ready to cook along. The sessions dispel two persistent misperceptions: That only women belong in the kitchen, and that Black fathers are inactive in the lives of their kids. Every two weeks, Ralph dons an apron and actively teaches his own children culinary skills and the life lesson of kindness towards people with all abilities.

Chef Ralph’s family & kids food repertoire is mind-boggling, spanning culinary cultures and all levels of entertaining, from modern takes on fancy classics (chicken cordon bleu with spinach rollups, apple sausage and veggie quiche, spanakopita, strawberry biscuit shortcakes) to backyard camping (southwestern egg rolls, sweet corn and chorizo fritters with garlic aoli, chicken pot pie crescent cups, classic shepherd’s pie, smores quesadilla) to movie night with the family (homemade baked mozzarella sticks, Latin American chicken nachos a.k.a. tostones con pollo, pizza rolls, pigs in a blanket, fruit kabobs, fruit pizza, and even a taco-stuffed pepper mummies for Halloween).

And not surprisingly, Chef Ralph extends his generosity of talent and spirit to the greater community as well. He often caters for exceptional non-profits like the YMCA and Calmer Choice. "There is no room for hate for me! We can agree to disagree and keep it moving. I will accept you for who you are now and who you still may become.”

Register for free culinary workshops with Chef Ralph:

Chef Ralph spoke with Amplify’s Tara Vargas Wallace

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Adrene Jewelers

Located on beautiful Cape Cod, Adrene Jewelers is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality Cape Cod and nautical style jewelry at the lowest prices possible.

90's Native

Not only do I produce clothing, but I am a graphic designer who can truly design and customize anything you need. Ask about our wide range of services.
Logo design~Clothing~Business Cards~Flyers~App Icons~Social Media Design & Publishing~Branding~Rebranding and more.


Fabvilla is a gift and home accessories boutique owned by Bhawana Chitkara. From the world of banking to fine linens & gifts, Bhawana’s took a leap into an industry she knew nothing about in 2015 and found her passion. It is a true labor of love.

Offering both an online and in-store shopping experience, Bhawana is passionate about small businesses and supporting the local economy.

Fabvilla offers a true boutique environment with a personal shopper attitude. A globally inspired specialty boutique, Fabvilla offers affordable luxury for you and your home.

One of a Kind Wigs

What do we carry? We carry the Largest wig variety on Cape Cod. Why not you deserve it. Keeping you beautiful as well as comfortable is our goal. Options for all moods and events. You should have the choice of comfort or glam.

House of Karina

Beauty supply offering wigs and more. Providing you with the authentic style you need!

The Dweeb Movement

The Dweeb Movements mission is to bring the youth together while also bringing awareness to their mental health.

FlagMan Sports Store

The Flagman Sports Store is owned and operated by Tim Lus, a native to Cape Cod. We provide several services to local businesses, organizations and residents including; traditional & custom flags, custom banners, signs and displays, sports memorabilia and fan-cave accessories. If you have an idea to display, we work with multiple print facilities and can help you create the perfect display for your event.


Laxmi is a gallery located on Main Street in the heart of Wellfleet. We carry beautiful ceramics, exquisite crafts and gorgeous clothing.

The Kandy Korner

Kandy Korner Gifts has been in business for forty years and is located on Main Street in Hyannis, MA. It is both a candy store and gift shop, catering to all ages. Most of Kandy Korner's products are made right on the site, such as their homemade salt water taffy, chocolates, fudge and ice cream.

Jamrock Beauty

We are committed to giving quality products that will satisfy your every needs from the crown of your head to the tip of your toes.

606 Thrift Avenue

Thoughtfully collected second hand and vintage items including clothing and accessories.

Cape Cod Fashionista

Cape Cod Fashionista is a Retail Boutique & Consignment Shop for Women, Girls & Dolls. Women & girls can find that SPECIAL TREASURE, like that out of reach designer bag online, FOR LESS.

Chocolate Fortune Company

Homemade apparel & clothing, wine glasses, sugar & salt scrubs, necklaces, bracelets and more!

Painted Peacock Boutique

Painted Peacock Boutique is a one stop shop for unique handmade gifts perfect for any occasion! In my boutique you will find beautiful creations ranging from bridal art, art for the home, and art to wear. If you are looking for a one-of-a-kind piece as a gift or for a special event, look no further! Custom orders are always welcomed!

Sick Day

Whether you need new shades, rent a SUP, or want to learn to surf, SICKDAY is the one stop surf shop located on Main Street in Wellfleet. We have everything you need for a "sickday" at the beach!

Wampanoag Shells

Marcus Hendricks is a native professional that creates and distributes handmade Wampum jewelry. Following traditional native teachings, nothing goes to waste.

When fishing for Quahogs, the leftover shells are used to make jewelry, and the meat is cooked to produce Cape Cod's best tasting Stuffed Quahogs, made using recipes stemmed from his Wampanoag and Nipmuc heritage.

There is a long history and extensive culture behind the well-known Wampanoag Shells and Marcus is happy to share this culture with the world.

We Do Mask

We offer masks with over 150 fabrics to select from. Washable, reversible, durable and every product is made with extreme quality.

Wellfleet Village Center Mobile Station

Quality auto repair and convenient store located in Wellfleet.


Carl Lopes

My paintings are a respectful nod to centuries of influential African design and tradition. Colors, patterns and compositions pay tribute to ancestral heritages and cultures, yet maintain a direct contemporary vibe. Masks, portraits, birds, and fish are embellished with geometric motifs and designs that visually pop.

Airbrushed acrylics, holographic papers, glass beads, and jewelry are attached to wood panels and coated with high gloss poly-resin. The paintings appear as if they are stained glass, and lit from behind. The intentional stunning appearances leave viewers amazed and intrigued.

Indigo and Orchids Art

An artist and art business specializing in original oil paintings, specifically landscapes, portraiture and still life’s. As well as reproducing art merchandise such as mugs, bags and shirts.

James Everett Stanley

James Everett Stanley received his MFA in painting from Columbia University. A 2002-2003 Fellow at the Fine Arts Work Center, he is an alumnus of the Skowhegan School of Painting and Sculpture and was awarded a Sharpe-Walentas Studio Program fellowship in New York. His paintings have been shown widely, including solo and group exhibitions at Freight & Volume Gallery in New York, Fredric Snitzer Gallery in Miami, and Schoolhouse gallery in Provincetown.

Joe Diggs

My work has always assisted me with life on Micah’s Pond, a beautiful property once owned by my grandfather, then my father, now me.I concentrate on painting and finding the exact color the exact shape to say what I’m trying to say. I allow myself to act as a medium and concentrate on the images that come through on the canvas. Sometimes I have plans for the painting and strategically make it happen. Other times I approach the canvas on a pure emotional level by letting the paint flow free almost like a child would. To me painting is magic; images appear out of nothing, blobs of color transform themselves to a new meaning. Creating art gives me the opportunity to share my visual experiences. I identify with the power of the image and re-represent it to my audience. I want my work to invoke thoughts and emotions that will take the viewer on a visual journey.

I paint from observation, but allow my art the freedom to be spontaneous, which spawns new work. Just as importantly, by allowing impromptu action, I omit the desire to control everything in the process. This grants me a voyeuristic space to operate. Being intensely in control without force, I react to chance intuitively, and reflect my findings to my audience. Being a voyeur and a medium wrapped into one.

Mijiza Images

Welcome to Mijiza Images - designed to reflect your individual flair. With our high quality hand-crafted scarves and wraps Mijiza Images is you. We truly reflect your individual sense of style in exceptional colors. You will stand out from the crowd.

Beverley Roberts has been working with fabrics for over 25 years, creating much sought after pieces, which incorporate her flair for design, and her photographer’s eye for perspective.

Beverley weaves together her vibrant sense of color and textures with imaginative designs. She prefers to work with natural fibers and pigments. She garners her inspiration from the beautiful vistas of Cape Cod, Massachusetts, where she makes her home.

Rachael Devaney & Mayan Scribe

Rachael Devaney is a freelance reporter and photojournalist for multiple publications on Cape Cod, the South Shore, and in New York City. Her work has been featured in The Cape Cod Times, The Barnstable Patriot, Cape Cod Life, Falmouth Magazine, and Wicked Local.

Born in El Salvador, on the border of Guatemala, my ancestors are connected to the Maya, the Pipil, and the many Tribal nations that existed, and still exist in Central America. Through my handmade jewelry, which was taught to me by mentors and elders, who hail from a spectrum of Northern Indigenous nations, I keep the spirit of the many warriors who came before me alive. Each set of earrings I create, can be custom ordered to fit who you are and the love and light that you hope to send into the world. And as always, thank you for your support <3

Wampanoag Shells

Marcus Hendricks is a native professional that creates and distributes handmade Wampum jewelry. There is a long history and extensive culture and Marcus is happy to share.

Business Services

Big Tree

Video and Digital Creation Company

Driven Cape Cod's Conference for Women

The mission of Cape Cod's Conference for women is to inspire women through collaborative efforts and interactive experiences and participation.

We are Cape Cods Conference For Women, Our Vision is to come together under one roof to share useful and relevant information that you can use to inspire you to be the change in your own community. We want you to learn to reach your potential in your business, professional and personal lives. It is my passion to create an event on Cape Cod that would both stimulate the economy and highlight all of the amazing things the " Driven Women" of Cape Cod are doing here. There is so much to do and learn here and when we gather we network which leads to some great collaboration and inspiration to do so much more. My desire is for you to connect with me and get involved with what could be Cape Cod's largest most productive Women's event to date.

Evdo Depot USA

EvdodepotUSA is a mobile broadband provider that connects rural customers to the internet with fast, secured, reliable, and unlimited 4G LTE. We aren't just an internet provider, though. We also help people monitor the climate, safety, and compliance of their refrigeration and facilities with powerful internet-connected solutions that let users manage dozens of sensors in a single mobile app.

International Business Relations

Business Consultant, Business Analysts and Business Relations, Latino Business Networking which offers entrepreneurship education and mentorship. All services are in English, Portuguese and Spanish.

J. Rose Back Office Resources

Services for Contractors is what we do. This includes bookkeeping, administrative, subcontractor management, human resources and more. I am affordable, trustworthy and knowledgeable.

J.Rose is where busy contractors find assistance with their bookkeeping, administrative and HR tasks.

The Law Office of Muska Yousuf, LLC

Attorney Muska Yousuf specializes in family and divorce law in Massachusetts. Her law firm is an affordable alternative to the traditional hourly-rate that most attorneys charge. She breaks down a case into five distinct stages and charges a flat-fee per stage. She does not charge for communication, travel, or waiting in court for your case to be called before the judge.

Childcare Providers

Crystal Garden Children's Learning Center

Crystal Garden Children’s Learning Center of Hyannis, Inc. is a public, non-profit charitable, grassroots minority and women oriented organization. We remain deeply committed to excellence in promoting and providing quality early childhood education programs as well as intervention and referral services to low-income families from the multi-ethnic communities traditionally underserved.

We uphold our commitment to holistically nurture children between the ages of 3 months to 13 years; cognitively, socially, emotionally and physically in an environment which creates excitement for lifelong learning.

We do not discriminate in our program delivery or its policies on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, ancestry, national origin, age, sex, sexual preferences, toileting capabilities, disability, marital status, political or union affiliations.

Culture & Entertainment

Deluxe Promotions Group

Deluxe Entertainment Group, offers professional event management services for all types of events including festivals, corporate functions, weddings, company parties, Christmas parties, birthday celebrations, family fun days, and lots more. We are happy to manage all, or only some aspects of your event, allowing for you to retain control whilst benefiting from our logistical and technical experience. Deluxe Entertainment Group, also acts as a Booking Agency to supply you with top quality bands and DJs for your event, festival or function.

JT Chronicles

Jonathan Thompson is a Motivational Speaker and entertainer.

Since riding in a bike-a-thon at 8 years old to his current status of unofficial “Mayor of Cape Cod”, Jonathan Thompson has been a force in his community. From performing in a local R&B group as a teen to creating the popular social media show “JT Chronicles”, he has captured the hearts of Cape Cod residents and beyond.

My Brother Charters

We offer private fishing charters. One group or family at a time..."you get to enjoy your trip, with the people your with."

My Daddy Wears An Apron

Offering online cooking classes for people of all abilities, and a platform to share hard-earned wisdom about cooking with young ones, single dad challenges, and navigating life stages like co-parenting.

Zion Union Heritage Museum

The Zion Union Heritage Museum, Inc. mission is to create a museum that celebrates the African-American and Cape Verdean population as well as other ethnic and demographic diversity of the Town of Barnstable and Cape Cod.

The Zion Union Heritage Museum provides a rich legacy for future generations. Your support helps make that possible.

You can also become actively involved with the museum with a membership in Friends of Zion Union Heritage Museum. You’ll find all the details on our Membership page.

Health & Wellness

508 Dance Therapy

Our purpose is to provide a fun energetic environment where everybody is encouraged to turn up and have a good time. I feel dance is a way to express myself, release energy & emotions, relieve stress, and release bad toxins. It's my outlet. The idea of Dance Therapy 508 is to help you get fit, have fun and most of all feel confident.

B Free Wellness and Coaching

B FREE is a wellness community designed to help change peoples lives through movement mindfulness and fun. Ayanna is here to get you moving, grooving, dancing laughing and enjoying every moment of it. Getting fit and strong is the amazing side effect of taking classes with Ayanna and BFree.

Kristen O'Toole Yoga

Kristen O'Toole Yoga offers Rising Star Energy Healing, private/semi-private/small group Yoga, Family Yoga, Meditation, and Mentoring to kids and adults of all ages. Whether you are 3 months old or 12 decades old, there is a healing, empowering, and transformative practice for you. She also teaches at 2 Yoga studios on Cape Cod where you can take a group setting class with her as well!

Keith Rosary's Int. Martial Arts Academy

The International Martial Arts Academy is Cape Cod's first “kids only” mixed martial arts studio that pays homage to all martial arts systems. This impressive 1200 sq ft one of a kind "temple like" facility features state of the art training tools which allow each student to develop their skills quickly and efficiently. It's founder and chief instructor, Senior Grand Master Keith Rosary is an internationally recognized 10th degree black belt that teaches the history, philosophy and spiritual essence of the” Seven Arts System”, which he created. In this system, SGM Rosary focuses on the mental, physical and spiritual aspects of one's own personal development.

Contractors & Home Services

All Cape Glass and Shower Door

All Cape Glass & Shower Door is a family owned business where the focus is customer service, satisfaction and superior workmanship. Established in 1975, All Cape Glass & Shower Door is one of the regions leading glass companies, delivering a wide variety of custom glass work. With over a four decades of the experience our vision is to continually provide the best services to our clients. We believe in working along side our clients and partners to achieve the best possible results. From the conceptualization and design phase to the construction and handover phase, we believe in excellent communication to complement our high-quality work. We view all projects as a challenge and have made it our duty to find the best solutions for each and every client. We provide our services to contractors, architects, designers, hospitals and government, business, schools, churches as well as the home owners..

American Tile & Stone Design, Inc

American Tile & Stone Design is a family owned and operated showroom providing over 10,000 sample options for builders, designers and homeowners. First and foremost, we understand how important your kitchen is to you. Kitchens are the focal point of daily home life. Our goal is to help make your granite countertops beautiful, stylish and affordable. Please feel free to come to our friendly, family owned business. We’ll be happy to try and help you meet your needs. At American Granite Design Inc we have the knowledge and experience to get the job done.

Baba Landscaping

We offer lawn care, maintenance and all season clean ups. Call 774-216-0629.

Bailey's Landscaping

Full service landscape construction and maintenance company, dedicated to providing detail oriented services for both residential and commercial properties. Call 774-238-1432.

Cape Cod Marble and Granite

Locally owned and operated, Cape Cod Marble and Granite is the largest stone fabricator on Cape Cod, offering a highly trained crew to work with you.

Discover beautiful natural and engineered stone countertops fabrications, including marble and granite, at Cape Cod Marble & Granite Inc. We provide exceptional customer service and reasonable prices. From limestone to slate we are sure to exceed your expectations. Our showroom and fabrication yard is conveniently located in Hyannis, and we have been proudly serving Cape Cod and Islands and Eastern Massachusetts for over a decade.

Debarros Septic Service

We are known for providing professional septic cleaning but we also offer other services -
septic title 5 Inspections, risers installed, septic locating, sewerage pump replacement, and clogged main line clearing. Don't wait for a problem!!! Call us today.

DP Corp. Asphalt

DP Asphalt Corp provides asphalt services, asphalt replacements, residential asphalt, commercial asphalt, asphalt sealcoating, asphalt repairs. Call 508-962-0440.

Horticulture DNA, Inc.

Our team of Cape Cod landscapers can cover all your residential and commercial landscaping needs on Cape Cod. From mowing to seasonal lawn care, from a new landscape feature to a complete makeover, no job is too small or too large for H~DNA’s team of highly trained landscape professionals. Whatever the size and scope of your project, we have the knowledge, tools, and skills to get the job done right. In addition, we will be happy to work with you to design, plant, and construct the landscape of your dreams.

John Canto Paving & Excavation

John Canto Paving & Excavation offers asphalt paving with landscape services when necessary. Excavation services include cellar holes, lot clearing, and mini excavation for small jobs. Hauling includes dirt, stone and gravel. We also construct retaining walls.

L & M Glass Corporation

L & M Glass Corporation in Hyannis, MA specializes in frameless glass shower enclosures and mirror installation, custom storefronts, and entrances. We work with residents and business owners in the Cape Cod area. We are able to custom bevel mirrors and glass as well as provide a high polish edge. beveled glass. We are the largest glass and mirror inventory on Cape Cod! Visit our showroom today or call 508-778-6888 for more information.

LEM Construction Co. LLC

We are a multi faceted excavation company who fulfills many needs. Including but not limited to: Plowing, Complete Engineering and Installation of Title 5 Septic systems,
Excavating for foundations, tree and stump removal, land clearing, driveways, and light carpentry including doors, windows and flooring.

Call 508-385-6052 or email at

Mr. Painting and More

Mr. Painting And More is comprised of a professional team of painters offering experienced services to Commercial and residential clients in Cape Cod and Boston area also providing pressure washing and tile service, we are your one stop shop for making the most functional and impressive upgrades to either the interior or exterior of your property.We provide quality and 100% satisfaction guaranteed with years of experience.We always love to make our clients happy with our excellent work and getting the job done on time.

New Reveal Power Washing Services

We are a privately owned eco-friendly small business serving the Cape Cod region since 2014, owned and managed by Fitzroy Jarrett.

Our objectives are:

To provide an eco-friendly service based business whose primary goal is to exceed customers expectations.
To provide customers with the best price estimates in a timely manner.
To maintain a referral network of customers.
To expand operations on the Islands.
To create a sustainable business surviving off its own cash flow.
To increase the number of clients a year by 20% while providing superior services.

Pina Landscape

We are a locally owned and operated company proudly serving the Cape since 1997.

Pina Sanitation Services

Pina Enterprises is a full service Sanitation Company that has provided Cape Cod with exceptional service for over 48 years. Pina Sanitation offers Trash Removal and Recycling For Homeowners & Commercial Properties. Also specializing in Roll-Off Container Service.

Stanley Steemer

Owned and operated by Mario Campos, this location has served Cape Cod, South Coast and the Islands for more than 20 years. With a staff of 20 employees and 10 vans at their disposal, the franchise is prepared to tackle any cleaning job with stellar results.

In addition to serving their customers, the Cape Cod location is committed to community involvement. Currently, Mario is a Steering Committee member for the YMCA Achievers Program, a community youth program to help young people realize their potential and prepare them for life after high school. He is also an Ambassador for the Sandwich Chamber of Commerce and supports many other local charities.

SVS Masonry

Your 1 Stop Masonry Construction Source. Walkways, Walls, Accents, Driveways, Interior, and more.

Swaby Construction LLC

Building, Remodeling, Roofing, etc. Contact Jason Swaby at 954-865-4569 or

Two Sisters Cleaning Service

Covers all Cape. Carpet & Flooring, Cleaning Service, Damage Restoration Service. Monthly, Weekly, Bi-weekly services available.


Captian Farris House

Built in 1845 by a wealthy sea captain, the historic Captain Farris House has been restored to incorporate luxurious, modern amenities while preserving its distinctive Greek Revival style architecture. The result is a picturesque B&B featuring 10 inviting rooms, an elegant dining room, a lovely parlor, and stunning gardens.

Pet Services

Furr Babyz Pet Care

As a pet owner I relate to the stress leaving your babies behind. My goal is for your babies to receive the same loving care from me as they would from you. Top quality care, and the comfort of knowing that your pet is in good, capable hands.

Pardon My Frenchie

Pet supplies and breeder for french bulldog pups.

Restaurants & Catering

Bagels and Beyond

We make fresh from scratch bagels every morning and serve them how ever you wish, with what ever type of cream cheese you want, also all made in house. You want a breakfast sandwich, sure, we got you there too. You want breakfast plates? Got that! You want a breakfast burrito or maybe a grilled muffin made in house? Check there as well. Come see everything we have to offer.

Branches Grill and Cafe

Branches Grill and Cafe is a local, family owned restaurant in the heart of Chatham. A mile away from the ocean you will find this one of a kind restaurant that is aimed to electrify and expand the palate with Caribbean inspired dishes. With years of experience in the food and beverage industry, we will exceed in delivering quality food with amazing taste and freshness.

Brazilian Grill

Brazilian Grill Churrascaria is proud to share the traditions, culture and food of southern Brazil. Rodizio is the Brazilian style barbecue, offering a wide variety of different cuts of beef, pork, lamb and chicken that are slowly cooked over natural wood to preserve all their natural juices and flavors. Tender morsels are brought to you on skewers and carved at your table. You may enjoy as much as you like, all for one fixed price.

Cape Cod Lobster Rolls

Larry & Melissa started this business in 2014 and we have been running ever since. We have been rated by Yelp as the top 25 lobster rolls in the COUNTRY! We strive to just give you quality food. We have a fresh Juice bar called Sumo Fresco too which has fresh juices, smoothies, Acai Bowls and more. Please stop by and visit!

Casa Vallarta

All 6 locations of Casa Vallarta are family owned and operated. We take pride in sharing with you our festive heritage and authentic Mexican styled foods from the port of Puerto Vallarta, Mexico on the Pacific ocean coast. All our dishes are prepared with care and our promise of satisfaction.

Chef Roland's Catering

Chef Roland's Catering in Mashpee, Massachusetts, offers catering services for weddings, private party planning, special events, and business corporate events. Our wedding and special event caterers stay on the hottest trends in food today and offer creative menu suggestions and unique table presentations. You work personally with the owners to custom create a menu with the freshest seasonal ingredients that reflects your taste and style.

The Flying Fish Cafe

The Flying Fish offers bistro-style dining highlighting local seafood, burgers, and Caribbean flavors. Breakfast, lunch and dinner are served in a recently refurbished charming dining room.

The outdoor patio is a local favorite, where diners can enjoy a leisurely cup of Beanstock coffee and Wildflour Bakery muffins, scones, and more. Stop by and enjoy a meal at The Fish, as it is affectionately known by our friends and loyal customers. Make your own Cape Cod memories, and savor the kind of meal that makes everyone feel like family.

Gemini Caribbean Mart

Caribbean market offering groceries, produce, cooked food, and more!

Gol Supermarket

Brazilian supermarket, butcher shop, pizzeria, bakery. Produtos brasileiros, açougue, pizzaria, padaria. We carry thousands of Brazilian products, brazilian meat cut, home made sausage, bread, cakes, pizza. We sell beer and wine.

The Jerk Café

Chef Shrimpy's Jerk Cafe serves delicious Jamaican Jerk Style Caribbean food daily in South Yarmouth, Massachusetts on Cape Cod. The Jerk Cafe is like a Jamaican oasis where Chef Shrimpy creates his own famous Jamaican Jerked Chicken and Jerked Pork dishes using his own secret combination of traditional Jamaican spices and special grilling techniques every day.

Island Cafe & Grill

We are a family owned business, focused on supporting local businesses and farms, while celebrating the cuisine of our island heritage. The ingredients that we use are purchased from local farmers to bring you the freshest food that Cape Cod has to offer. Island Cafe is exciting and indulgent; we provide exceptional service in a friendly atmosphere. Come start your day with us and enjoy a little taste of paradise!

JoMama's New York Bagels & Coffeehouse in Yarmouth

We serve NY bagels, cream cheese, coffee, breakfast and lunch sandwiches!

Le Bon Jour

Fresh and Healthy Bowls, Gumbo, Burritos, quesadillas and tacos!!

Mi Pueblo

You've tried the rest now try the best. First authentic Mexican Restaurant on the cape.

Mary Ellen's Portuguese Bakery

Portuguese cuisine in Falmouth with excellent selection of pastries and breakfast dishes.

Native Times Coffee & Food Truck

Native Times Organic coffee. Our food truck serves delicious breakfast and lunch out of the Mashpee area.

Point Brazil

A Brazilian Grocery Store with a Butcher Shop, house made sausages and Brazilian specialty foods.

The Raw Bar at Popponesset Marketplace

In addition to our world renowned Lobster Rolls, we are also offering Clam Chowder, Quahogs, Snow Crab Cakes, Steamers, Kielbasa, Kayem Hot Dogs and more. Plus, we have a nice selection of soft drinks, wine and beer!

SBW Hospitality Management & Events

Amaze your friends and family with an exquisite luncheon or an elegant dinner party. An intimate dinner for two, complete with flowers and candlelight can set the stage for a very special evening. A birthday, holiday dinner, anniversary, or any occasion can be easy and impressive when Chef Ralph spreads his culinary talent around your home.

Chef Ralph is not only a talented chef but, is the mastermind behind creating memorable events. Simply Black & White Catering can combine a team of skilled, friendly service staff who will be available to provide a perfect setting for any one of your in-home events.
"Let me do the work for you!"

We provide service in Providence RI, Swansea MA, Boston MA, Cape Cod & Islands

Stir Crazy Restaurant

Authentic Cambodian Cuisine and Sushi. Bopha has been cooking for Cape Cod Since 1989 with local favorites including Stir Fry, Curry, Salads and Steaks. Come in and try our flavorful dishes and see what all the fuss is about!

Salons, Spas & Barbers

Angels Cut

Full service barber shop and salon located at 379 West Main Street in Hyannis. Contact at Angel at 508-827-4132.

Angel Face Esthetics

Angel Face Esthetics is a skincare studio offering facials, waxing and makeup.

After working for years at some of the best spas and resorts on Cape Cod, I finally decided it was time to own my own spa. Angel Face is located in beautiful Wellfleet beside Wagner Inn at Duck Creek. I’m proud to offer such a luxurious experience in Wellfleet, and grateful to be the only Practicing licensed esthetician from Truro to Orleans.

I know as a mom of five beautiful children how important pampering yourself can be, so I offer customized facials, make-up services, and waxing. I use Image skincare products throughout my facials. I believe Image products to be the industry’s most innovative skincare brand in the industry. Image uses the latest advancements in skincare technology and they truly believe in offering revolutionary products for every skin type and every skin concern.

Bellisimo Salon

Full Service Salon / Hair, Esthetics, Nails and Massage Therapy. Falamos Portugues! Submerse yourself in a full day of beauty treatments at Bellisimo in Hyannis, a memorable full-service salon. On the hunt for a professional and relaxing facial? Look no further than this salon. This salon offers hair care for men, women and children of all ages. Loosen up your tensed and overworked muscles with one of the relaxing massages!

Blake's Barbershop

Come visit Phil, Aaron, Ritchie, Zack, Pedro & Blake at our family friendly atmosphere that caters to detailed haircuts and bringing a great community together! Appointments accepted (schedule a day before) and walk-ins always welcomed.

Brazilian Touch Salon & Day Spa

Rose Martins and Gisele Duarte are pleased to present a beautiful salon and spa to Cape Cod. With more than 15 years experience in the world of beauty, Rose and Gisele are proud of their unique, chic, and modern facility. Women and men receive the best treatment at Brazilian Touch—and at the best price. From a simple haircut to world-class spa treatments, from a manicure or makeup to a massage or body treatment, you’re in good hands at Brazilian Touch Salon & Day Spa.

Divas Beauty Studio

Hair, Nails, Up dos, and Makeup. All you need! Specializing in Brides, Brazilian Blow Outs, Dominican styles.

Elvis Barbershop

ELVIS BARBERSHOP is about to provide friendly, personalized services through a team of highly skilled and creative professionals. with valued service provider and the first choice of our customer. we are responsible , accountable, respectful , effective and efficient. we promote honesty, integrity and openness in all we do.

International Barbershop

International Barber is a barber shop for men and children. We are family oriented, where our goal is your satisfaction.

La Chez Patrice

Beauty Salon located in Hyannis.

Mr. Perry's Hair Styling

Located in Hyannis.

Pretti Aesthetics

Medical Aesthetic Clinic offering Botox, Fillers, Waxing, Skincare, and Body.

Star Bella Hair Salon

We specialize in hair cuts, color, highlights, Brazilian straightening and Brazilian waxing.

Wiz's Barbershop

Quote from a review: "As an African American, this is the only place I go for a great hair cut. I have been going there for over 15 years, and I am always there, after I try a new place! They can cut all types of hair, but cutting curly hair takes skill, not a buzzer, I tried every other barber shop in town, and I always had to run to the Wiz, to fix it."

Who We Are & What We're About...

Amplify POC Cape Cod is a racial justice initiative to help amplify the businesses owned by people of color (POC) on Cape Cod. Amplify was founded by Tara Vargas-Wallace, after the murder of George Floyd. As a Puerto Rican woman who is married to a Black man and mother to three promising Black children and as a social justice activist in the community, this issue was personal to her. In the spring and summer of 2020, community members began reaching out to Tara to ask how they could support the Black community. A list of Black owned businesses did not exist for the Cape region, and therefore, Tara created one as part of Amplify's first endeavour.

After some discussion with her local NAACP it was decided that due to the dynamics on the Cape it would be best to include all businesses owned by people of color as there simply weren't enough Black-Owned businesses in the region. The goal then became to amplify business owned by all marginalized groups of people thus adopting the term POC for People of Color.

Amplify will grow in the future to include training and educational opportunities to enhance economic development among people of color on the Cape. Because of systemic racism, we know that the COVID pandemic has disproportionately impacted POC and now is an especially important time to support small local businesses, especially those owned and operated by POC. We're hoping that Amplify - as a community driven initiative - helps to create a more equitable Cape Cod by fostering growth within and for our community.

Our Mission

Amplify POC Cape Cod promotes racial equity to POC-owned businesses by providing resources and education that enhance visibility, increase patronage, and highlight their successes and contributions in order to provide sustainability and reduce the wealth gap caused by systemic racism.

Our Vision

The vision of Amplify POC Cape Cod is to promote economic power and sustainability by eliminating the wealth gap for POC on Cape Cod with an accessible online resource of POC-owned businesses, and to provide opportunities for learning and advancement for POC in partnership with other community agencies through classes in financial literacy, banking relations, asset building, home ownership, entrepreneurship and wealth building. As part of Amplify's commitment to end systemic racism, Amplify advocates for the advancement of racial justice by educating community members and promoting local initiatives to increase awareness and promote positive progressive change.

Our Ask

Firstly, we would like to acknowledge that we are aware that COVID has taken an enormous toll on the economy and people’s finances. Those who would like to support POC owned businesses and this initiative may not be able to give as much and we are appreciative of all donations and any amount is welcome.

We are looking for sponsors to support this grassroots initiative. We are seeking monetary donations and partnerships from local organizations, businesses, and community members for the following: maintain our website and social media platforms to AMPLIFY POC owned businesses on Cape Cod, to create programs and events to support people of color, POC owned businesses and entrepreneurs on Cape Cod, and lastly to continue sharing resources and opportunities with our community.

Our Team

I created a team of eight volunteers each with their own skill sets and all of whom are passionate about racial and social justice. We are all women, five of whom, are women of color.

Tara Vargas Wallace, AMPLIFY POC Founder & Executive Director
Commissioner, Cape Cod & Islands Commission on the Status of Women
Board Member of Massachusetts Women of Color Coalition, NAACP-Cape Cod, Housing Assistance Corp., and Cape Cod People Against Human Trafficking
Social Justice Advocate and Racial Justice Activist

Amanda Converse, MPP
CEO + co-founder Love Live Local
Trustee, Hyannis Public Library
Lover of Cape Cod, champion for small businesses, defender of local economies

Amanda Mendes
Co-Owner of Adrene Jewelers,
Disability Advocate
Forensic Psychology major
Social Justice Advocate and Racial Justice Activist

Ayanna Parent, LICSW RYT 200
Owner of B Free Coaching and Wellness
Trauma Specialist and Recovery Advocate
Fitness Instructor and Freedom Fighter

Jeanne Morrison, M.Ed.
Diversity, Equity and Inclusion Advisor with 35 yrs. senior management of community programs in transportation and human services. 30 years experience strategic planning and development of corporate civil rights policy and procedures, training and diversity initiatives.

Katie Riconda, MPA
Community Engagement Facilitator, Boston Medical Center
Commissioner, Barnstable County Human Rights Advisory Commission
Social Justice Advocate and Racial Justice Activist

Muska Yousuf, J.D.
The Law Office of Muska Yousuf, LLC is in Hyannis and is dedicated to providing affordable, flat-fee legal services to anyone seeking assistance in Housing Court or the Probate and Family Court.

Rachael Devaney
Freelance Writer and Photojournalist
Social Justice Advocate and Racial Justice Activist

Rasheda Mattos Dickerson
Senior Administrative Legal Assistant South Coastal Counties Legal Services
Elder Law Project Intake Coordinator
Co Founder & Member of SCCLS Diversity Equity Inclusion Committee
Racial Justice Activist

Sunny Fellman
Realtor with Kinlin Grover Real Estate
MAR Diversity, Inclusion & Member Engagement Task Force
CCIAOR Professional Standards and Diversity & Inclusion Committees
CCIAOR Realtor of the Year 2018
Volunteer - Housing Assistance Corporation, Bay to Sound Neighbors, and Meals on Wheels
Racial Justice Activist